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You Won a Free Trip to Rome!

July 23, 2018

Why do we care about Paul’s ‘travels’?  What do we see in this history? Formation of early church. Miracles. Persecutor of church got transformed only to suffer greatly in building the church he once persecuted. God’s plans. Life transformation. Salvation. of the Jews, given to Gentiles. Some will listen to us but aren’t sincere, even have motivations that aren’t geared to faith in Jesus. But they do inwardly feel the conviction. This can result in violent behavior. Even persevering persecution. This early church of which we are beneficiaries is not a ‘planned megachurch business’. It was messy, violent, birthed under a secular government which couldn’t understand the spiritual earthquake. The reason they belonged to the church is because they converted to belief in Jesus. Not church as a weekly activity and bible lesson. The fellowship was because of a great hope and encouragement they received from fellow believers who also risked their lives. At the very least were subject to persecution from the Jews. 

Matt 11:12-19  Kingdom-growing is messy, causes dissension, persevering persecution. 

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