Amazing Grace Community Church

The Road to New Jerusalem

January 16, 2017

What physical world events will happen that let us know Jesus is returning? Where will they happen? When will they happen? Where will WE be? What happens to physical earth? Listen in on this introduction...

Notes & Outline

Jerusalem is the spiritual center of the earth. All the surrounding nations will unite against Israel. The UN Resolution is but one example

God will enter into judgment at the battle at Armageddon  

Psalm 83:4; Joel 3:2

The Antichrist

70th Week: Daniel 7:24-27; 9:24-27; 12:7-13

_period of time known as the tribulation. 

_a 7 year period beginning with the confirmation of a treaty by the man of lawlessness.

_During this period many things will happen, but the primary thing to know is God will release His Judgments and His Holy Wrath upon the Earth and it’s remaining occupants. Rev. 4-19.

_2 periods of 3 1/2 years (Rev & Dan) 

_plus a final of 30 + 45 days (Dan 12:11,12) wind carry... 


When and In What Order?

The Battle at Armageddon, Return of Christ & Saints Rev 19:11,17

1000 yr Kingdom sandwiched by two wars Rev 20:1-3

THE GOG - MAGOG WAR AGAINST ISRAEL  Rev 20:7-10  (Eze 38,39)


Why is this important to me? Where will we be during these events?

Jesus said, signs will inform us, look to the sky for His return, live for that day - use our talents.


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