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Setting Up Jesus’ Throne On Earth

February 6, 2017

The kingdom of heaven/kingdom of God began with Jesus’ first advent. We exist in it’s kingdom territory in the physical realm now or in the ‘present’ heaven when we die—until Jesus’ return; wherein He sets up His throne on earth for 1000 years—which we’ll also exist in.

Notes and Outline

KING'DOM, noun The territory or inhabitants subject to a king. The reign, Government; rule; supreme administration of the Messiah. Mat 3.

This helps us to understand Jesus’ parables about the kingdom of heaven in Matthew 13.

HEAVEN, noun is the place where God is seated and rules from. It never moves or relocates. It never comes down to earth. It will be made new just like the earth and Jerusalem.

The fulness of Christ is the kingdom in substance. The kingdom of heaven is near, at hand…. Jesus came, introduced it, established it, described it. *




The end of the tribulation is marked by the Marriage Supper of the Lamb and the return of Jesus with the saints and angels. The Lord draws nations to the Jehoshaphat valley against Christ.


Scriptures (using Super Bowl metaphor)

Playoffs Are Over: Matt 24:29-31; 

Picking Teams! Matt 25:31-46;

Crowds Will Assemble - Mic 4:1-5;

Super Bowl City Chosen - Zechariah 14:1-8; 9-21;

Umpire Declares Rules - Joel 3

Who Are The Winners



Matthew 25:31-46, Eze 34:17. Jesus separates the nations (Gentile people groups) by how they treated His brethren, particularly the Jews. 

Both saved (those who didn’t take the mark) and unsaved people survive through the tribulation including Jews. Jews were protected in Petra.

Sheep=saved gentiles who survive in the natural body, Goats=unsaved gentiles (those who took the mark), Brothers=Jews (saved and unsaved?) who survive in the natural body.

The wicked tares will have been plucked up off the planet as the first order of business as Messiah returns. The the end-time harvest of the tares and the wheat is described by Jesus in Matthew 13 and He states quite unequivocally that the wicked will be plucked off first.


This separation is marked with the destiny to be adjudicated at the Great White Throne Judgment in Rev 20. However the unsaved are sent to the present hell. (what about the reaping Rev 14)

Zech 14:9-21 - It is important to note that unbelievers and nations will be present in the kingdom. Not everyone is, or becomes a follower of Jesus. People are born and the unsaved die during this time.

The Sheep-Goat Judgment is showcased here on earth. This is not the Final Judgment of immortal souls before the throne of God. Nor Judgment Seat of Christ. The people in question here are those remaining on the earth in their mortal bodies at the end of this age.


Super Bowl City Chosen

WHERE - The place He returns to is the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem (Acts 1:11; Zechariah 14:4) runs between the Mount of Olives and the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The valley of Jehoshaphat** (the Lord has judged)… believed to be the same as the Kidron valley. Jesus is going to sit here someday. Joel 3:1-17!

  • Beating plowshares INTO swords Joe 3:10

Jerusalem will be the center-point and focus of power and influence. There will be a temple. It is where Jesus first stands Zech 14:1-8


Umpire Declares the Rules

  • Jesus will reign from that city, nations will come to it to worship. And if not… Zech 14:9-21



  • Both spiritual bodies and natural bodies will co-exist; the redeemed, the sheep, the jews, angels.
  • Natural bodies will have children Isa 65:20. (How then do these get their spiritual bodies?) Resurrection bodies won’t (no marriage in heaven)
  • Believers reign and judge with Jesus


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