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Living in the Present Heaven

January 30, 2017

At first glance, there isn't much written in the Bible about life in the 'present' heaven. But if we do a little digging we'll find answers to the many facets of the question, "what happens when I die"? Listen in on the discussion...

Notes and Outline

What Will We Do In Heaven?


Again, the answer differs depending on what ‘stage’ of heaven we are talking about. In the ‘present’ heaven we’ll be in the spiritual realm with physical characteristics and presumably out of the grip of time. In the millennial kingdom and the new earth, the answer reflects our physical realm and resurrection bodies and minds.


Our Reference Authority

As we look to Scripture for our answers we see some clues in the rich man and lazarus account. We pick up a few clues in Revelation where John was shown into heaven. Paul reveals a vague account but held back some of what he heard. Daniel and Ezekiel interfaced with heaven’s creatures and the pre-incarnate Christ. Rounding out our search is focusing on the character of God.


At present, God is in the 3rd heaven with Jesus by His side. Jesus is advocating for those on earth. I would suspect those in present heaven will hear this. The angels know when someone is saved and they rejoice. Obviously this is from hearing the conversation between Father and Son and possibly because they can see what is happening on earth.


Along the same vein, will we pray in heaven because we can hear the Advocates prayers?


Certainly, we see rejoicing, praise and worship. But consider the logical activities that occur when all of saved mankind is together in space and time… 


We will be fellowshipping and visiting and testifying and listening. Think of all of the questions we could ask our bible heroes. What of the questions and stories we could ask of people we’ve known? What about connecting up with your relatives? And even your ancestors that you have not met yet. And likely every minute someone new will be saved or suddenly enter heaven. New people, new stories, new experiences. Loners will not be in heaven. Being in Christ is a draw to fellowship.


God has emotions. They are revealed in Scripture. We won’t likely lose ours. I think sadness or grief or depression will surely be banished immediately because they are a function of sin and brokenness.


We wonder if we’ll be bored. In answer, no. God is not boring! Jesus is fun and cool! He used to walk the countryside, mountains, go fishing, campfires on the beach. Dude! Think of all of the things that God created on earth out of nothing. His imagination knows no end. And we’ll be in His presence. Boredom is a sin thought. We typically relate fun with sin. You know… getting drunk or high, having immoral sex, breaking the law, etc. Think through things you like to do that don’t involve sin… [can you?!! ha ha] and the fun you have doing that. Add in the likelihood that we won’t be bound be mortal bodies and gravity. What fun can we have being unbound? We know what the first and second heaven looks like, won’t the third heaven be AT LEAST as spectacular? 


Remember that God resides in a temple with the ark of the covenant. 


Remember that the focal point we will be looking forward to is the Marriage Supper and the great horse ride back into the physical realm accompanying Jesus as He returns to Jerusalem and sets up the new kingdom. Are you still bored?


Consider that nobody who encountered the pre-incarnate Christ, the incarnate Christ, angels, or creatures from heaven or were shown into heaven or were told to write down what they saw—ever described things as boring. No way. Inexpressible. Unimaginable. Powerful. Nobody is described as trying to get out of heaven. Out of hell yes but not out of heaven!


As we get ready to ride from heaven with the purpose of reigning with Jesus in the Kingdom on Earth…  what will we be doing? Will we help build things, like planting a church? There is a 75 day period before the Kingdom begins… what happens during that?

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