Amazing Grace Community Church

The Handwriting On The Wall

November 4, 2020

God used an idolatrous King’s country to subdue, conquer, and take captive Israel and Judah for 70 years because of their failure to follow God’s commands; specifically the land sabbath and idolatry.  Like Israel, do we deserve a period of captivity? or conversely, do we deserve to be delivered or kept from captivity?  We look more like the people in Noah’s day where their every thought was evil. We cannot unify the whole country under one political umbrella.  Everyone must first be brought to the foot of the cross and then under God we can be united.  There is none that are righteous.   We have two countries on the land formally known as the United States of America.  Each has widely divergent views on what is good and what the structure should be. 

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