Amazing Grace Community Church

Can Anything Good Come Out Of Aspen Springs?

December 5, 2021

 We have a reputation you know…  When Aspen Springs comes up in conversations there is a bit of stereotyping.. not wholly undeserved.  Some people are still scared to come out here.   But things are changing.  We smile because we who live out here know the secret. 

 To hear the words of the apostle Nathanael, the city of Nazareth was held in great disrepute, either because, it is said, the people of Galilee were a rude and less cultivated class, and were largely influenced by the Gentiles who mingled with them, or because of their lower type of moral and religious character. But there seems to be no sufficient reason for these suppositions. 

Interestingly, this is the village that God chose to have the Son of God raised. And this is where the angel found Mary to give her the Message.  We'll be reading from the prophet Isaiah.

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