Escape to Egypt

December 31, 2018

We often ask God why He does things the way He does them.  They don't seem logical to us.  We even have ideas that we think would have been better. Listen in as we wrestle with this question.

Birth Stories Need to be Repeated

December 18, 2018

Would you make room for the pregnant woman?  Is there room in your heart for Jesus? Are you putting Him out in the ‘barn’ instead of making room for Him in your heart; maybe instead kicking out one of the unwanted ‘guests aka demons’ in your life?  Join us as we remember that fabled night...

God’s Punctuation Mark

December 10, 2018

Time is God's punctuation mark. Jesus, the long awaited Messiah was born in the FULLNESS OF TIME. What does this expression mean to us? In fact, if mankind was so bad, why didn't Jesus just come earlier?  Listen in..

Hope Delivers

November 27, 2018

Now these three remain: faith, hope, and love. (1 Cor 13:13a). Watch out for Hope killers as they create Hope deprivation. Get your Hope infusion starting with Proverbs 3:1-10. Join with us as we look at the day after for the woman who met Jesus at the well. 

How to Crucify the Flesh

November 19, 2018

Well meaning Christians struggle with things they say, think, and do that God says not to do. (this is sin). .. fighting to do what’s right, obey and trust God, avoid temptations, maintain temperance, and walk in the fruits of the spirit.   

They hear from other church members or satan that they are failing at being a Christian, that they are still sinning, etc. 

And we do. And we wonder why? what’s up? why can’t I stop this? 

Grace. In Action.

November 13, 2018

God’s common grace is working in and for many (not just Christians) with a view to bless His children and to adopt new children. Working with the world, we must be influencers thinking gospel-wise. not arrogantly.

Jesus Informs Our Relationships

November 5, 2018

Our divinely given life purpose and all of our relationships (spouse, parents, children, neighbors, employer, etc.) is guided by our relationship with Jesus—whether we have one or not.  Not sure about this? Take a listen...

Jesus Found in Genesis?

October 30, 2018

How do we know about Jesus? Initially, eyewitness accounts as recorded in the bible. Our worldview is formed by the document or collection of teachings we ascribe to. These writings put forth the view of Origins that we build our worldview upon. If we invalidate the first 12 chapters of Genesis we can invalidate the entire bible!!  Even the reality and purpose of Jesus! This is why we say, “..What we believe about Origins forms our Worldview and beliefs about Jesus..” Listen in to find out where Jesus shows up...

Contrast of Worldviews

October 22, 2018

Reading from Genesis 2 and 3 we uncover the basics of a Christian worldview as it contrasts with a Naturalism Worldview. Why are we here? What is wrong with the world? How do we fix it?

Jesus is the Word

October 15, 2018

What we believe about Origins forms our Worldview and beliefs about Jesus, it explains our Purpose, informs our Relationships, acknowledges the source of our Provision, and what we believe about Grace