Persecution Against the Acts Church

February 26, 2018

When the 'religious establishments' core beliefs about death are challenged, they attack the church and Believers. Stephen was stoned for his sermon on the unbelief of Israel and his sermon launched the persecution of the emerging church by Saul.

Spirit Sets Boundaries for the Church

February 19, 2018

Last week we looked at how the Spirit was establishing the church and how He draws people together. He was doing something miraculous in Acts 4 where people were holding everything in common. Satan decided to use Ananias and Sapphira (Acts 5) to corrupt the integrity of the event. HOLD ON TO YOUR SEATS FOR THIS ONE!

Holy Spirit Builds the Church

February 11, 2018

We see the power of community in the opening days of the church recorded in Acts. God was working in mighty ways and Satan was doing his level best to oppose Him. Join us as we Walk His Way.

Speak Boldly

February 6, 2018

The Gospel was beginning to be heard and the establishment began exerting their power against it. God steadily rolled out the message and grew the church (both spiritual and local). God worked through people to speak.