Decisions Determine Our Future

August 28, 2016

We face decisions every day. How can we determine the best choices to make, especially in the big decisions and the ones that seemingly have no clear answer? Poor decisions are the leading cause of difficulties!

The Word We Hate

August 21, 2016

When a wealthy man asks Jesus what he can do to have eternal life. Jesus replies with a word Christians rarely like to hear.

This story reveals that both in matters of salvation and discipleship we often have a thing or two between us and Jesus that we don’t want to lay down.

In a way, it begins in 1445 B.C. in the wilderness with Moses and the generation after the adults died out that left Egypt.  Or go here if you aren't using a smart phone.

Does Grace Have An Expiration Date?

August 15, 2016

Grace’s impact does not always happen immediately. It’s not necessarily a single dose application. Do we give up and revert to the ol’ rigid legalism when it doesn’t take effect right away?  Or go here if you aren't using a smart phone.

Grace to Give

August 7, 2016

Are we able to extend grace? Or do we find it hard to do so because of anger or justification? Is it even our responsibility? I mean after all, if someone makes their bed, let them sleep in it, right? Some of you us are angry or upset at others and we let that trump grace. And it’s true, we have been offended or hurt. SO WHAT CAN GOD DO ABOUT IT?   Or go here if you aren't using a smart phone.

Grace Moments

August 1, 2016

What is a Grace Moment? A slice of time when grace is abundantly evident. Grace Moments when strung together create a life of grace.  Or go here if you aren't using a smart phone.