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Christmas is about Family

Christmas is about Family

December 20, 2015


Light unto the land of people living in darkness

Light unto the land of people living in darkness

December 14, 2015

As followers of Jesus we have the privilege of opening people’s eyes to their need for Jesus and to the nature of Jesus. We get to turn people’s lives from the power of darkness and the devil to the power of light and the Lord.

How? Through a principle of physics called the expulsive power of the greater force, which says for example, that if you want to rid a room of darkness, you don’t fight against the darkness by trying to karate chop it, rebuke it, or yell at it. You turn on the light, and light—the greater power—will flood the room, expelling the darkness.

Authority of Jesus

Authority of Jesus

December 7, 2015

Lk 5:1-11 Great Catch of Fish - why this miracle and why no more fishing and why call them rather than someone else?

  • listened to Jesus’ teaching (what did He teach? we don’t know exactly)
  • but I will do as You say
  • for amazement had seized him and all his companions
  • you are Holy and I am not
  • they left everything and followed Him
  • again, common denominator is - believe Jesus, He has the authority
  • took a skill that Simon had and used it for His purposes
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